Suitcases4Kids-FL, Inc Helping Foster Children Move With Dignity ...One Suitcase At A Time!
Suitcases4Kids-FL, Inc Mission Statement

We embrace the needs of children moving into or out of foster or state care, or any type of shelter or homeless environment, and provide them with a suitcase for their personal belongings so that children gain a sense of dignity and help to create a better world.
A Message From:
Saul Wilner

Dear Friends,

The truth is ... children living in foster care move often and sometimes several times in one year. The sad reality is, when they move, they are provided with an industrial size 'garbage bag' into which they are told to put all their worldly possessions.

Since 2009 Suitcases4Kids-FL, Inc and its affiliated organizations have provided foster children with suitcases, back packs or duffel bag so that these children see that someone cares and that their possessions are not 'garbage'.

Please join us as we change a foster child's life ... one suitcase at a time.

It's easy to help:

1) Donate a new suitcase, back pack or duffel bag to Suitcases4Kids-FL, Inc (contact information listed below).

2) Make a monetary donation to Suitcases4Kids-FL so that we can continue to purchase suitcases, back packs and duffel bags for foster children.

3) Start a suitcase drive in your community, organization or business. It's REAL easy and lots of fun!  Contact us for details.

4) Support our sponsors who support Suitcases4Kids-FL. And please tell them you saw their ad on our web site. Click the 'Sponsors' link for a list of sponsors (stay tuned - this link will appear soon).

Thank you for your time and concern. Again, it's easier than you think to help a foster child and the benefits are shared by those who give as well as the children. Contact me to discuss your ideas for a suitcase drive, to make a donation or to offer your wonderful suggestions.

Thank you,

Saul Wilner
Executive Director - Suitcases4Kids-FL, Inc
A Florida non profit organization
Board Member - Suitcases4Kids, Inc
A Massachusetts non profit organization

PO Box 10783, Naples, FL 34101
(413) 687-3673